How a Dog Walker Can Help You and Your Dog

Most people want to provide their dog with everything it needs: food, water, shelter, love and exercise. The most time-consuming of these needs is exercise. Many circumstances can make providing adequate and regular exercise difficult:

  • Work schedule – out the door before it’s light and home after it’s dark, and no time during the day to sneak home
  • Business travel
  • A new baby
  • Kids’ activities
  • Vacation
  • Recent surgery or health issues
  • Physical restrictions due to advanced age of owner
  • In the case of one of my clients, the sudden relocation from a large home on 20 acres to a small apartment with no yard due to a forest fire that destroyed the house

Such circumstances shouldn’t preclude a person from the enjoyment of having a dog. By walking your dog on a regular basis, I can provide you with the peace of mind, knowing that your dog is being well cared for when you’re not at home. I can alleviate the stress and/or guilt associated with your dog's being home alone for six or eight hours – or more.

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